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Shibuyacest [entries|friends|calendar]
Maou x Maou, Shibuya x Shibuya!

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Shouri x Yuuri Fans!!! [4.30.17 - 12.42am]

Whatever may come our way

What's Your Dirty Little Secret? [5.28.08 - 7.25pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

ok, I wanted to see if anyone still liked this paring, and if a few people like this I'm gonna take the plunge and post this on fanfic net

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Author: Heart of a Crescent
Title: What’s Your Dirty Little Secret? (1/?)
Paring: Shibuyacest (ShorixYuuri)
Rating: T (incest)
Disclaimer: I don’t own KKM
AN: this paring needs more love!!!
I have a little secret, one that I can never tell anyone. Not my mother, not my father, and especially not my older brother. This little secret is that I’m in love, in love with my own older brother. That is Shibuya, Yuuri’s dark and dirty secret. 

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Random Generators [3.16.08 - 10.12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Keitorin's Generators (main page)

The Kyou Kara Maou ones:

Pairings: Kinks/Tropes/Clichés
Pairings: Tropes/Clichés (non-kink version)

Characters: Tropes/Clichés

Plot Generators

Other Generators: Story Title Generator, Kink/Trope/Cliche Generator (NWS)

Right now I only have Kyou Kara Maou, Get Backers and Non-fandom specific generators. I'm working on other fandoms as well as more generators in fandoms.

I don't have Shibuyacest plots or the pairing in the Non-Crack section yet. If people have plots to suggest, feel free to comment! <3

x-posting to other Kyou Kara Maou communities.

Whatever may come our way

Icons! [2.14.08 - 7.19pm]

Felt in the mood for Kyou Kara Maou yesterday, so I come bearing icons! They're all variations of the same icon, just with different text. And one with Yuuri, Shori, Wolfram and Conrad:


More under hereCollapse )
5 Shows of brotherly love - Whatever may come our way

[FIC] The Bond That Lies Between Us [6.13.07 - 4.45pm]

Title: The Bond That Lies Between Us
Author: Shirahime
Pairing: Shori/Yuuri
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,563
Summary: Sequel to In Need. Yuuri comes to a decision about recent developments.

(over here)
Whatever may come our way

[FIC] In Need [1.21.07 - 1.13pm]

Title: In Need
Author: Shirahime
Pairing: Shori/Yuuri
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,768
Summary: No real spoilers. Offering your help to a sibling.

(this way)

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First fanart? Maybe? >> [12.21.06 - 6.11am]

Okay... so. I bring art! Yes... Haha. Yuuri's hair amuses me. @@ This group needs some love.

My Journal

Comments are appreciated and all that good stuff. I drew this at like... 5:30 in the morning... and I'M REALLY TIRED... so I think I'll sleep now. KTHX BYE~ <3
Whatever may come our way

Drabble: NOT Worksafe [4.1.06 - 11.46pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So I wrote Shibuyacest sooner than I thought I was going to. e.e; I feel awkward posting the first fic...

Title: Sin
Rating: Er... uh, PG-13+ to be safe. Cause there's mention of sex and incest. NOT WORKSAFE.
Pairing: Shouri x Yuuri x Shouri (aka Shibuyacest)
Summary: Yuuri wished that Shouri would stop caring.
Note: OneWord kills me dead. Er, killed me dead. The word of the day just had to be sin. *hides in corner*

Sin Collapse )

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[1.7.06 - 4.06am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Just to announce that the layout is finally up.... Most of it, at least. It'll be complete once I finally get the stupid header to show on the page. This is official mod-spam, yush, and we dont want to see a lot of this this early on the com's history, nya ^^U Please contribute to this com's growth.

5 Shows of brotherly love - Whatever may come our way

Come to the dark side, we have PR0N! [1.6.06 - 2.38am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Wow ._. We're quite a number now (5 members is more than I first expected XD), so let's get this com to move a bit, nya?

Currently I've been busy trying to make a spiffy layout for the com, but I'll be posting a fic later on and maybe some art too... Which brings us to the actual reason for this post to even exist: What would you like to see here? How should we get this com to be active?

Be it fic/icon challenges, round-robin fanfiction sessions, fanart contests, fanwork requests, etc. We need suggestions and would be thankful for any provided while I get the com to look pretty. Thank you so much for everything ^^

-- Marine.

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First post! [1.2.06 - 7.50pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

So... um... Yeah ^^ Welcome to the one and only Shibuyacest LJ com. Let's all work hard to make this place enjoyable for all ^^

2 Shows of brotherly love - Whatever may come our way

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