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Maou x Maou, Shibuya x Shibuya!

Maou x Maou, Shibuya x Shibuya!
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This community is devoted to the pairing of Shouri x Yuuri, from the Kyou Kara Maou novel/anime/manga series.

+ Kyou Kara Maou © Takabayashi Tomo, Takabayashi Tomo, Matsumoto Temari, Kadokawa Shoten, Studio DEEN, NHK, et al.
+ Screenshots © 2chan (Link courtesy of unmei999).
+ Patterns © Squidfingers.
+ Layout © Marineneko


1) Please be respectful. We're here to have fun and enjoy a mutual interest, not bite eachother's heads off in the proccess of posting an opinion.

2) Please LJ cut anything too big, be it pictures, information, files for others to download or simply ranting. Let's avoid spamming Friends Lists, ok?

3) Please mark anything that might be considered a spoiler. Let's keep wank to a minimum, ok?

4) If you post someone else's fanart/doujinshi/fanworks in general, please credit the author. Nobody likes getting their things stolen, nya? So please post a link to your source if you do this.

5) Any not worksafe material MUST BE MARKED AS SUCH, please. Let's keep it clean, nya? ^^

6) Advertisement for other coms is fine by me. Just don't make it too spammy, please.

If there are any questions or troubles regarding the community, please feel free to notify any of us (Contact info can be found on our respective LJ userinfos.)

Regards from your friendly neighborhood mods, marineneko & candy_bosatsu.